Dangerous "People" Foods for Dogs: BREAD DOUGH

Here's a preview of a pocket guide app we're making called Dog: Food Hazards. We'll first launch on Android and then iDevices will follow. If this app proves successful we'll hopefully launch more pocket guides or other apps like it!

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Unbaked dough can cause multiple problems. Unbaked dough can cause multiple problems. First, yeast fermentation produces ethanol (alcohol). Second, the environment within the stomach is a perfect incubator for the yeast to grow. Once yeast replication begins, the yeast can expand in your dog’s stomach or intestines. This can lead to bloat, which is the life-threatening twisting and distention of the stomach.

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system. They will become drowsy and lose their coordination. In large doses it can cause the dog\'s heart and breathing to slow down and their body temperature to drop. Alcohol also causes damage to the liver and kidneys.

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We recently moved to Tempe, AZ from California and we're loving it. We bought our own home, work from home, and just love being around our pups all day long! Lots of play breaks, potty breaks, and snuggles. Both my husband and myself have grown up with dogs. We got our first dog, Ariel, together 9 years ago as a pup. She is the center our world and she means everything to us. We got our second dog Hermes at 1 year old from the shelter. Now at 5, he's doing much better! Recently, we had found a stray with no home or family, he fit right in with our pack so we think he is here to stay.

In short, we're knowledgeable, experienced with dogs of all sizes, dogs with all manner of issues, and we love them all!

Dangerous "People" Foods for Dogs: ALCOHOL

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Here's a preview of a pocket guide app we're making called Dog: Food Hazards. We'll first launch on Android and then iDevices will follow. If this app proves successful we'll hopefully launch more pocket guides or other apps like it!

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Alcohol is not only found in alcoholic beverages and foods but also in other household items such as disinfectants, mouthwash, medications, inks, dyes, paints, perfumes, gasoline as well as unbaked dough, rotten apples and other fermenting foods/garbage. Alcohol is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, symptoms can develop as quickly as 15 - 30 minutes after ingestion. Alcohol poisoning can occur by ingestion or absorption through the skin.

Monster Hates When You Play with Your Balls

Dog with balls

Let me set the record straight... He doesn't hate seeing balls, playing ball with other dogs, and he's even cool playing with you. But Monster hates it when us people play with balls.

We ruled out it isn't a particular type of ball that causes the problem. Tennis ball, beach ball, rubber ball, exercise ball ... it does not matter. He won't stand for it.

Ash and I often find ourselves playing with balls (who doesn't?) and we know when we hear those little claws clacking down the hall, we're screwed.

We will be barked at, chomped at, chased down, and evil-eyed. He will stare us down waiting for us to make a move and then strike. Unfortunately, this means he is banished when the fun and ball time begins.

The only reasonable (not at all reasonable) conclusion I can make is that he was beat up with all the balls when he was abandoned as a pup. :( Poor guy!

To make sure that never happens again he says stop playing with your balls.

Dogs also binge watch TV.

Luna dog watching TV

Recently I was at my mom's house and I discovered her dog Luna(tic) absolutely loves watching TV. LOVES it.

She actually becomes kind of addicted to videos. At one point she (the dog, not my mom) grabbed my arm as I was putting my phone away indicate she wanted more!! I was playing youtube videos of dogs, kittens, babies etc.

She seems mostly interested in watching young dogs play but also showed interest in the other dogs, cats and animals.



She also watched “Moving Arts” on the Netflix, which is just timelapse landscapes. Strange.

The Monster

The Chupacabra Dog aka Monster aka Crazy Alien Dog

When we first got Monster I thought we might not keep him. He seemed incompatible with our family. He was cute enough, happy enough, got along with Miss but... he was foreign. We didn't relate to him.

I guess we chose him for that reason. We wanted a dog who was more outgoing than us. Had more spunk than the average dog. A dog who would encourage our aging Miss to get out, move and play! A dog who would encourage us to do the same. Plus, he looked like a creepy and sometimes sad cat-bat-dog with leg deformities. He had the name “Herman”. No one would adopt him. So obviously we had to do it.

Once home, he cried and barked. All The Time. He pooped and peed inside. All The Time. Monster, now known to us as Hermes, brought us to our breaking point. It sucked. Our neighbors were unhappy too which only made the situation worse. It was stressful. We kept thinking he is not like Little Miss. Why can’t he be like Miss!